Spencer Gulf King Prawns

Our king prawns – Melicertus latisulcatus – are harvested straight from the ocean in the Spencer Gulf, South Australia – the most southern prawn fishery in the world. As they are caught in the wild our prawns are a natural product and are tested regularly for traces of metals. Antibiotics and growth hormones are not used in this fishery.

The very cold, clear waters of the southern ocean produce a high quality prawn, which is full of flavour.

We supply both raw and cooked prawns, depending on market requirements. They are processed immediately onboard, individually graded and packed into either 5kg or 10kg cartons. All processing onboard is managed under HACCP and AQIS ‘Approved Arrangement’ accreditations.

All harvested prawns are packed on the vessels, snap frozen to -40C within an hour of being caught, sealing in the flavour and freshness.